From history to convenience to scenery, Arizona has it all for fans
Everything is near and dear in Cactus League
Where else can you go and see half of the Major Leagues’ 30 teams play without ever having to drive more than 47 miles, and oftentimes much shorter distances? That would be the Cactus League, where 15 teams prepare for the season in a relatively tight radius surrounding Phoenix, Ariz.It is here where the ballparks are surrounded by mesas, rock formations and cacti. It is here where stars stretch and hit and throw and play games in the laid-back atmosphere of Minor League-sized parks with beautiful, warm and frequently sunny backdrops.But there is so much more.

Consider the Cactus League’s Legacy Trail, a multi-locale, self-guided, educational historical tour of Spring Training-related destinations. The trail consists of several memorabilia collections, which tell the story of the Cactus League’s six-plus decades, located in Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix.

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